We provide pet sitting services to families within 15 miles of Charlotte, NC 28269.

Zip codes include: 28027, 28216, 28262, 28269, 28078, 28213, 28031, and parts of 28036.

Please let us know if you would like to schedule a Free Meet & Greet

20 Minute - $20

Short visit includes meal, treats, short walk, cleanup, and playtime.

60 Minute - $40

Includes meal, treats, walk, cleanup, and playtime. Perfect option for anxious or high energy pets.

Home & Plant Care - $20

Option for families that need someone to just check on their home- no pet care. Each 20 minute visit Includes a general home check, getting the mail, watering plants, turning on and off lights, and/or adjusting the blinds.

30 Minute - $25

Includes meal, treats, walk, cleanup, and playtime. Great option for a longer walk and/or more play time.

Overnight - $100

Night time care for your pet from 10 pm to 6 am. Breakfast in the morning is included.

Additional Consultation - $20

Do you have an anxious pet that needs more time with someone new? Need to discuss changes in your pet’s routine in person? Recently moved? We can schedule an additional consultation

40 Minute - $30

Includes meal, walk, cleanup, and playtime. Option for pets that needs extra exercise or attention.

Pet Transport - One Way - $30

Does your pet have a veterinary, groomer, doggy daycare, or other appointment? We've got you covered! Price is for one way drop-off or pickup and does not include additional wait time.

Key Pick-Up or Drop Off - $15

Option for those who choose to not keep a key on file or who decide to provide a copy of the key after the initial meet and greet. 

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